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Real English. Real Business. It’s time to boost your career.

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Real English. Real Content.

BeNative specializes in teaching English the natural way. Our team of expert language analysts developed lessons based on real English situations. From beginner to professional busines English, we have over 375 exclusive lessons and courses to help you perfect your English.

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Our Content Partners

We partnered with some of the biggest global names to create completely new, innovative learning content.

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The BeNative Method

The BeNative Method focuses on teaching real English by using content from real-life situations. Our data-mining technology sorts through thousands of English transcripts to seek out the most important and commonly used words and expressions. All of our real-life videos are also supplemented by video lessons, quizzes, and audio examples to break-down the most important concepts, one step at a time.

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Beginner to Professional.
Premium Learning Content.

No matter what your English level is, BeNative has the right lessons for everyone. Start from the very basics with Everyday English, or learn to converse with business professionals through our Native and Insight level courses!

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Everyday & Basic Confident Native Insight
Daily English 24/7 English Office English Exclusive Interviews
Basic Pattern Business Trip & Vacation Q&A English HBR Business Strategy
Essential Expressions PGA Golf English Presentation GM Business Strategy
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Everyday & Basic Confident
Daily English 24/7 English
Basic Pattern Business Trip & Vacation
Essential Expressions PGA Golf English
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Native Insight
Office English Exclusive Interviews
Q&A English HBR Business Strategy
GM Business Strategy Presentation

Used by over 2,000 major companies and universities worldwide.

BeNative is the leading provider of premium English and business English learning content.

  • Samsung
  • IBM
  • Kirihara
  • LG

  • Hyundai
  • Grolen
  • Prudential
  • Lotte

BeNative is an ed-tech startup company that specializes in providing premium language learning content.

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